10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

472INC 11. Johnson, Immigration Based on Credit Reports
2. Caballero, Immigration Exceptionalism in the Chevron Context
3. Aronson, PechaKucha as a Pedagogical Tool
Stella Burch EliasSabrina Balgamwalla, Pooja Dadhania, Pedro Gerson, Liz Keyes, Natalie Nanasi, Beth Zilberman
343INC 21. Hartman, Credible Fear Interview Preparation with Law Students: Advantages and Challenges
2. Meyer, New Challenges to Trauma-Informed Approaches to Working with Asylum Seekers
3. Miller, Meet Them Where They Are: A Medical-Legal Partnership in the Age of Trump
Shalini RayAndy Ayers, Rebecca Feldman, Anil Kalhan, Suzie Pritchett, Katherine Reynolds, Emily Robinson, Emily Ryo
276INC 31. Beth, Using FOIA to Uncover DOS Country Reports
2. Charaudeau, Study on Border Policing at the French-Italian Border: Scrutinizing Detention and Returns Practices
3. Robichaud, Immigration: A Cybersecurity Disaster in the Making
Jill FamilyCaitlin Barry, Chizuko Hayakawa, Annie Lai, Angela Morrison, Maritza Reyes, Rose Cuison Villazor, Linda Tam
296WIP A1. Heeren/Knowles, Immigration (Over)regulation
2. Bellis, Accardi in the Age of Trump
Carolina NunezMing Hsu Chen, Michael Kagan, Eunice Lee, Sarah Rogerson, Carrie Rosenbaum, Sarah Lamdan

1:00 PM – 2:15 PM

296INC 41. Ayers, Sanctuary as Neutrality and Resistance
2. Barry, Anthology of Philly's Sanctuary Movement - Vision of Sanctuary Movements as Most Effective When Building Solidarity Across Communities Impacted by State Violence
Annie LaiLauren Aronson, Corrine Beth, Ming Hsu Chen, Jill Family, Pedro Gerson, Anil Kalhan, Liz Keyes, Nickole Miller, Shalini Ray, Rebecca Robichaud, Rose Cuison Villazor
343WIP B1. Carrie Rosenbaum, An Immigration Law Critique Focues on Rule of Law
2. Rebecca Feldman, Refugee Vulnerability at the U.S.-Mexico Border & Its Implications for the U.S. Duty to Prevent Trafficking
Shoba Sivaprasad WadhiaSabrina Balgamwalla, Juan Caballero, Stella Burch Elias, Kayleen Hartman, Michael Kagan, Eunice Lee, Natalie Nanasi, Maritza Reyes, Emily Robinson, Beth Zilberman
276WIP D1. Hayakawa, Japan’s Recent Dynamic Developments in Immigration Law and Policy: From the Back Door to the Front Door?
2. Morrison, Why Protect Unauthorized Workers?
Sarah RogersonCaitlin Bellis, Bastian Charaudeau, Pooja Dadhania, Geoffrey Heeren, Kit Johnson, Sarah Lamdan, Katie Meyer, Suzie Pritchett, Katherine Reynolds, Emily Ryo, Linda Tam

4:00 PM – 5:15 PM

296INC 51. Nanasi, Death of the Particular Social Group
2. Dadhania, Gender-Based Religious Persecution
Suzie PritchettAndy Ayers, Caitlin Bellis, Stella Burch Elias, Jill Family, Pedro Gerson, Chizuko Hayakawa, Michael Kagan, Katie Meyer, Maritza Reyes, Sarah Rogerson, Sarah Lamdan
343WIP E1. Balgamwalla, "Private Violent" Asylum Claims, Expert Witnesses, and Due Process in Immigration Courts
2. Zilberman, Limitations on Legal Representation in Immigration Benefits Adjudications (working title), which seeks to explore issues of representation in USCIS field office interviews
Liz KeyesLauren Aronson, Corrine Beth, Ming Hsu Chen, Rebecca Feldmann, Geoffrey Heeren, Anil Kalhan, Nickole Miller, Katherine Reynolds, Emily Ryo, Linda Tam, Rose Cuison Villazor
276WIP F1. E. Lee, Regulating the Border
2. Ray, The Law of Rescue
Maritza ReyesCaitlin Barry, Juan Caballero, Bastien Charaudeau, Kayleen Hartman, Kit Johnson, Annie Lai, Angela Morrison, Rebecca Robichaud, Carrie Rosenbaum, Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia, Emily Robinson


10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

276INC 61. Munshi, Unsettling Border Nationalism
2. Ray, Indiscriminate Immigration Enforcement
Carrie RosenbaumAndy Ayers, Caitlin Barry, Juan Caballero, Jill Family, Chizuko Hayakawa, Michael Kagan, Eunice Lee, Nickole Miller, Suzie Pritchett, Linda Tam, Rose Cuison Villazor, Maritza Reyes
343WIP G1. Charaudeau, Borders, Solidarity, and Migration in the Context of Anti-Terrorist Policies: Struggles over Categorization at the French-Italian Border
2. Chen, Constructing Citizenship for Noncitizens
Anil KalhanSabrina Balgamwalla, Caitlin Bellis, Pooja Dadhania, Rebecca Feldmann, Pedro Gerson, Geoffrey Heeren, Elizabeth Keyes, Angela Morrison, Katherine Reynolds, Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia, Emily Robinson
296WIP H1. Robichaud, Chasing Liberty: Immigration Detention and the Quest to Check Executive Power
2. Ryo, Jailing Immigrant Detainees
Michael KaganLauren Aronson, Corrine Beth, Stella Burch Elias, Kayleen Hartman, Kit Johnson, Annie Lai, Katie Meyer, Natalie Nanasi, Sarah Rogerson, Beth Zilberman, Sarah Lamdan